Radium Carbon Fiber Fuel Cell Lid, 6 Gallon

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These optional carbon fiber lids are 68% lighter than the powdercoated aluminum lid that comes standard with all Radium Engineering RA-Series fuel cells. 

Construction: Dry Carbon
Fabric: Pre-impregnated
Tow: 3K Filaments Per Fiber
Weave: 2x2 Twill
Manufactured: USA

1. This product is currently not available for RA-series Spare Tire fuel cells.
2. Discontinued 15 gallon RA-Series Fuel Cells are compatible with 13-0410-01.
3. If purchasing with a fuel cell, this product will come in a separate box and will need to be installed by the end user.
4. The standard Radium Engineering aluminum lid cannot be exchanged.
5. Follow the instructions below for installing this lid.

a. If removing a drop-in fuel pump assembly, such as an FCST, reference those specific instructions.
b. Use a 5/32" (or 4mm) Allen wrench for the stainless steel button head bolts.
c. Use a 7/16" wrench for the flange head nuts underneath the perimeter bolts.
d. When reinstalling, torque the perimeter bolts to 6.8-Nm (60-inlbs).
d. For the Phillips head screws that secure the inspection plate, use a micro screwdriver.
e. Be careful not to overtighten any bolts that could crack the carbon fiber resin.