Radium M14 Inverted Flare To 6An, Honda Style

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These machined 6061 aluminum adapter fittings will convert the OEM hard line flare fitting to a -6AN male connection for many Japanese vehicles.

The surface finish is type-II anodized to resist all fuel types including methanol, ethanol, and E85.

Note: Not all M14 x 1.5mm inverted flare to -6AN male adapters are universal. Read below!

This M14x1.5 Inverted flare to 6AN male adapter fitting is slightly longer than 14-0121. The 14-0118 adapter is compatible with many Honda/Acura vehicles. It has been verified with the S2000 (shown below), the EF Civic/CRX chassis, and GMC Typhoon/Syclone.