Radium Catch Can Kit, Single Universal, Fluid Lock

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Catch cans are sold without fittings. Compatible 10AN ORB adapter fittings can be found HERE.

This universal catch can is the same as used in Radium application-specific catch can kits. It can be used in any vehicle with the proper hose and fittings. A universal mounting bracket is included.

-Effectively raises octane and increases engine performance with cleaner inlet air
-Prevents oil buildup in the intake, intercooler, throttle body, etc.
-Excessive oil collection can be an indicator of a damaged engine
-Lowers hydrocarbon emissions

-6061 Billet Aluminum O-Ring Sealed Design
-Integrated Aluminum Baffle for Oil Condensing
-Reusable Stainless Steel Air/Oil Separating Media
-Main Ports: 7/8"-14 Female Threads (-10AN ORB)
-Anodized Aluminum Laser Cut Mounting Bracket
-O-Ring Sealed -4AN Drain Plug
-Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
-Safe for Pressurized Applications
-Anodized Aluminum Oil Dipstick

-Capacity: 7 fluid ounces
-Height (without fittings): 4.9 inches
-Outside Diameter: 2.45 inches

1. The integrated dipstick (shown below) unscrews for a quick way to check oil level.

2. The lower half of the body simply unscrews for draining.
3. A 4AN ORB plug (shown below) is provided for remote draining.

4. Some engines may require multiple catch cans depending on the PCV system design.
5. Catch cans are sold without fittings. Compatible 10AN ORB adapter fittings can be found HERE.
6. Bulk PCV hose in various sizes can be found HERE.
7. Catch cans are NOT designed to be used with aftermarket crankcase vacuum pumps.