Radium Iacv Spacer Kit, S14 S15

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This Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) Spacer is compatible with the SR20DET engine commonly found in the Nissan Silvia S14/S15 chassis. The OEM 2-bolt IACV bypass hard line is replaced by this anodized aluminum IACV spacer kit to gain clearance for top feed fuel rails. An anodized aluminum barb adapter and rubber hose is supplied to reroute the charge pipe hose externally to the manifold. Three stainless steel bolts and one IACV gasket are also included. To purchase an additional gasket to replace your original IACV gasket, go HERE


1x Anodized Aluminum IACV Spacer, Laser Etched
1x Anodized Aluminum Barb Adapter Fitting
1x Radium 18-0014 IACV Gasket, Nissan
1x OEM Style Spring Action Hose Clamp
1x Rubber Hose, 1/2" ID, 2-Ft Length
3x Stainless Steel M6x1mm Bolts