Radium Evo X Fuel Hanger Return

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The fuel hanger return kit provides all of the necessary hose, fittings, and hardware to convert the OEM Evo X fuel feed line to be used as the return line. Exact contents of this kit are shown in the photo below. This is a method to replace the restrictive 1/4" (6.5mm) OEM return hose, critical for proper regulator function. In the engine bay, the -6AN PTFE return hose will attach directly to a Radium Direct Mount Regulator (Part number 20-0623-0X) when mounted in the top port of a Radium fuel rail. The two SAE quick connect fittings allow each end of the OEM feed line to be connected in an easy, leak-free manner to the rest of the kit.


-6AN PTFE Hose Replacement
-SAE Quick Disconnect Male Fittings (x2)
-Stainless Steel Cushion Clamp