Radium 6An Dry Break 27Mm Set

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When separating two hoses, dry break fittings permit a leak-free disengagement while retaining pressure. Radium dry break couplers use a bayonet style lock that will not leak when disconnected nor introduce air upon reconnection. 

Simply push and twist the knurled machined surface. They are designed for use in fuel or oil applications and are available in -6AN and/or -8AN flare fittings. The couplers have been successfully tested on Radium's test bench at 150psi engaged and disengaged.

The anodized aluminum fittings are available as a set (inner and outer) or as individual parts. 

If a step up (or down) in hose size is required, the -8AN and -6AN fittings are interchangeable and can be configured as shown below.

Important Notes:
-Not compatible with methanol fuel.
-These fittings flow equally in both directions and can be installed either way.
-The higher the operating pressure, the more difficult it becomes to connect and disconnect the coupler.
-Due to the dry break coupler design, there will be some inherent flow restriction (pressure drop).
-Naturally there might be a drop when engaging and disengaging. 
-Do not disconnect fittings while pumps are running.

Technical Data:
-Overall length: -6AN kit = 82mm, -8AN kit = 87mm
-Weight: -6AN kit = 62g, -8AN kit = 69g
-Average pressure drop across coupler: 1-2psi
-Flow loss: 2% at 800LPH