Radium Fuel Hanger Feed, Fd Rx7, Stainless Filter

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The feed kits use high flowing -8AN fuel lines.

A Radium 1/2" fuel/PCV feed hose runs from the fuel pump hanger outlet to a Radium Engineering fuel filter secured to the rear subframe. From there a pre-made -8AN PTFE feed line runs all the way to the engine bay where it is up to the user to adapt the 45 degree hose end to their specific fuel system. The fuel lines clear the OEM fuel pump cover and all suspension related parts. No cutting or drilling is required to get the feed line past the fuel tank.

The included Radium Engineering fuel filter assembly mounts to the rear subframe underneath the vehicle using a specifically designed FD RX7 bolt-on billet mount. 

The filter is mounted through a Radium Engineering heat exchanger to keep fuel temperatures down. Depending on the kit selected (-01,-03, -05), the fuel filter will be assembled with 1 of 3 different elements. Go HERE for more filter element information. 

-Fuel Filter (-03 Stainless, or -05 Microglass)
-Fuel Filter Heat Exchanger Bracket (Laser engraved graphics may vary)
-FD RX7 Fuel Filter Mount
-8AN PTFE Fuel Feed Hose
-Radium Fuel/PCV 1/2" Hose
-Black 8AN Adapter Fittings
-Black 8AN Hose Ends
-Stainless Steel Hardware