Radium Remote Mount Fuel Filler, 1.5In, Vented

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20-0505-V Remote Mount Fuel Filler, 1.5in, Vented

The 20-0505-V Remote Mount Filler, 1.5in, Vented typically secures to the vehicle body. The vented fuel cap has roll-over protection if the vehicle ever becomes inverted. The fill neck has a machined hose barb connection for 1.5" filler hose (available HERE). The outer diameter is 4.75" and uses 4.25" P.C.D for the five M5 bolts. Total height is 4.1". Requires a 77mm (3.03") hole to be fabricated.


-Vented Cap with Roll-Over Protection
-Flanged Fill Neck for 1.5" ID Hose
-Ozone/Flame Resistant Gasket
-Anodized Aluminum Nut Ring
-Stainless Steel M5 Bolts


1. Does not include accessories to connect to the fuel tank.
2. Can be upgraded later to a dry break using Radium 20-0549-V.