Radium Universal Check Valve

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A 1-way check valve permits flow in 1 direction only. The Radium Engineering universal check valve features a lightweight anodized aluminum body with FKM seals and stainless steel hardware. As shown below, the internal plunger's aerodynamic shape warrants a smooth laminar stream.

As seen above, all female -AN ports can accept 37 degree flare male fittings and/or ORB (O-ring boss) male fittings. As depicted below, the flow direction is laser etched on the side of the part.

The check valve is compatible in multiple applications including gasoline, ethanol, methanol, diesel, water, coolant, oil, etc.

Body Seal: FKM
Plunger Seal: 
Hardware: Stainless Steel
Spring Material:
 Stainless Steel
Plunger Material: Stainless Steel
Body Material: Anodized Aluminum
Check Valve Type: Spring-Loaded Piston
Large Hex: 30mm (or 1-3/16")
Length, No Adapters: 1.72" (43.6mm)
Cracking Pressure:
 0.3 psi @ 70F
Max Operating Pressure: 1000+psi @ 70F
Backflow Holding Pressure: 1000+psi @ 70F

All tests performed by Radium Engineering in Clackamas, Oregon.

In it's native form without adapter fittings, the universal check valve uses a 10AN male outlet and a 8AN female inlet.

The 20-0534-XX kits below will cover most scenarios. Alternatively, custom adapter fittings for this check valve can be purchased HERE