Radium Fuel Rail Plumbing Kit, Ford Barra

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Fuel Rail Plumbing, Ford Barra
This kit is compatible with all Radium Engineering fuel rails for the Ford Barra engines. This high-flow system uses 3/8" EFI fuel hose and connects to the factory fuel pipes. All fuel rail fittings are included along with an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and pressure gauge.
The kit makes fuel rail installation a simple bolt-on job. The Radium fuel pulse damper shown in pictures is not included in the plumbing kit.

Shown above is the 20-0536-PK installed with the 20-0536-02 fuel rail. Shown below is the 20-0536-PK installed with the 20-0536-03 fuel rail.

Included in the plumbing kit:
-Direct Mount Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Fuel Pressure Gauge
-SAE Adapter Fittings
-AN Adapter Fittings
-Stainless EFI Clamps
-3/8" (6AN) Fuel Hose