Radium Remote Mount Fill Neck, 24An Elbow, 1.5In Barb

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20-0547 Remote Mount Fill Neck, 24AN Elbow, 1.5in Barb

The 20-0547 Remote Mount Fill Neck is primarily used with a body-mounted remote filler (see 20-0505-V). The -24AN fill neck mates to a 24AN hose end capable of 360 degree rotation. It features a 75 degee elbow and uses a 1.5" barb (filler hose available HERE). A bespoke 1-7/8" aluminum wrench is provided for tightening the B-nut and prevent marring. The fill neck features a flapper check valve for rollover protection.

-24AN Flanged Fill Neck
-24AN Hose End Elbow for 1.5" ID Hose
-Aluminum Wrench, 1-7/8"
-FKM Gasket Flange Seal
-FKM Flapper Valve
-Stainless Steel Hardware

Note: Does not include filler hose, fuel cap, etc.