Radium Fuel Hanger Feed Kit, Nissan R35 Gt-R, Stainless

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NOTE: The fuel hanger feed kit is compatible in LHD (left hand drive) vehicles only.

If installing a Radium in-tank fuel hanger with high-flow aftermarket pumps, the stock R35 fuel lines may not be sufficient. The fuel hanger feed kits include everything required to connect all 20-055X-0X Radium fuel hangers directly to Radium fuel rails. It comes with new PTFE feed lines and re-uses the factory feed line as the return for the regulator.
When selecting a feed kit, first choose the filter element type. Stainless steel elements can be cleaned and re-used, while microglass provides better filtration efficiency, but cannot be re-used. For more information on Radium fuel filter types CLICK HERE.

Because fitment is extremely tight, the -10AN "PUMPS" outlet is first split into two -6AN feed lines. The dual 6AN PTFE lines run parallel under the vehicle and are secured using billet aluminum retainers with OEM hardware.

The dual -6AN PTFE lines run through a serviceable fuel filter that secures using a GT-R specific heat shield.

Depending on the kit selected (-03 or -05), the fuel filter will be assembled with the appropriate elements. 

The 2 lines split and are ready to be installed into the 6AN male fittings on the front ports of the fuel rails (not included).

-Fuel Filter (-03 Stainless, -05 Microglass)
-10AN ORB to 10AN Male Low Profile Fitting
-10AN to 6AN Y-Adapter Fittings (x3)
-Fuel Line Retaining Mounts (x5)
-R35 Filter Heat Shield Bracket
-60mm 2-Piece Filter Clamp
-6AN PTFE Fuel Hoses (x4)
-Stainless Steel Hardware