Radium Pump Outlet Adapter, Check Valve, 6An Male

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This adapter is used to integrate a high flow check valve on the outlet of many fuel pumps. The valve outflows the integrated check valve that comes standard on many fuel pump outlets. Furthermore, decreasing this restriction allows the pump to operate at less current. This keeps fuel temperatures lower and prevents cavitation. The two billet aluminum adapter halves are secured together with a stainless steel retainer and bolts that clamp tightly around the pump outlet. A stainless steel plunger and spring are used for making a one-way connection. FKM O-rings seal for a leak free connection and E85 compatibility.

There are 2 outlet variations available (6AN male above, 10mm barb below). Both version secure to the fuel pump in the same exact manner.

Brushless Ti Automotive E5LM fuel pump shown below with the 20-0598 6AN male adapter.

Bosch Motorsports BR540 (or pre May 2019 Deatschwerks DW400) fuel pump shown below with the 20-0598 6AN male adapter.

Walbro F90000295 fuel pump shown above with the 20-0598 6AN male adapter.

Walbro F90000295 fuel pump shown above with the 20-0798 10mm barb adapter.


We have tested fuel pumps with and without check valves. With any check valve, flow and current draw will be affected. The two check valves tested were the standard integrated pump outlet check valve and the Radium Engineering check valve.

Standard integrated check valve 
Flow Restriction: 46-76 LPH
Current Draw: 3.2-4.8 Amps

Radium Engineering check valve
Flow Restriction: 15 LPH
Current Draw: 0.5 Amps


The Radium Engineering check valve is very specific to the pump. It will only work on pumps listed below. NOTE: Before ordering, make sure the pump outlet hose barb ridges are in excellent condition. Damaged or non-round hose barb ridges may prevent the O-ring from obtaining a positive seal.

Compatible. These pumps did NOT come standard with a check valve, thus are perfect candidates for the Radium Engineering check valve.
-TI Automotive E5LM (BKS1000 Brushless Controller Kit)
-TI Automotive E5LM (BKS1001 Brushless Controller Kit)
-Walbro/TI Automotive F90000295
-Bosch Motorsports BR540
-Deatschwerks DW400 (pre May 2019)

Not Compatible. The check valve will physically fit these pumps, but they come standard with an integrated check valve that can NOT be removed.
-Walbro/TI Automotive F90000267 
-Walbro/TI Automotive F90000274
-Walbro/TI Automotive F90000285 
-Deatschwerks DW440 Brushless
-Deatschwerks DW400 (post May 2019)