Radium Dry Break Dust Cap

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Designed to install specifically into a Radium Engineering female dry break. It prevents dirt and debris from falling into the fuel tank during refueling.

The dust cap vents to balance internal fuel tank pressure changes. 

Anodized aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware and a tether assembly. The components, materials, and seals are compatible with all fuel types (unleaded and leaded gasoline, diesel, AV gas, methanol, ethanol, E15, E85, etc.). 

Mating Parts:

1. 20-0495-V Dry Break, 1.5in, Female, Direct Mount, Vented
2. 20-0504-V Dry Break, 1.5in, Female, Remote Mount, Vented
3. 20-0549-V Dry Break, 1.5in, Female, Vented