Radium Quick Fill Dump Can, Standard Filler

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This dump can assembly has all the features mentioned above and is configured for "standard filling" (non-dry break). This is ideal for all types of motorsports.

The dump can features knurled aluminum pour and vent caps. The inner flow diameter of the stainless steel spout is maximized yet still compatible with all OEM fuel fillers. 

For ergonomics, the anodized aluminum plug also features knurled machining.

The vent cap features 6 different fuel type indicators: (UNLEADED, LEADED, METHANOL, ETHANOL, PRE-MIXED, DIESEL). The small knob can be screwed into the appropriate threaded hole to mark the fuel type inside.

For slow controlled filling, the plastic flip cap (shown) can be simply unlatched. For slightly quicker filling, the entire vent cap can be unscrewed (not recommended). Use with caution.

RADIUM Dump Can (standard fill) = 5.86gpm (vent cap ON/flip cap open)
RADIUM Dump Can (standard fill) = 6.70gpm (vent cap OFF)
GENERIC BRAND X Fuel Jug = 1.86gpm (flip cap open)

Dump cans are used in motorsports when quick refueling pit stops are essential. Depending on the configurations below, these dump cans can fill up to 14 times faster than a standard fuel jug.

The main difference between a "dump can" and a common "fuel jug" is the vent architecture. For quick filling, air entering the can must replace the exiting fuel at the same rate. If not, a vacuum will create a flow restriction and produce a "gurgle" or "chug" effect. These Radium Engineering dump cans are designed with a large 1.675" OD vent tube that comes from the bottom, minimizing refueling leaks and maximizing non restrictive air flow for quick-filling. NOTE: The large vent tube can also be used for re-filling the dump can. 

Accurate graduation marks are molded in "US GALLONS" (shown below) on one side, and "LITERS" on the opposite side.

The dump cans are molded from a durable polymer safe for all fuel types (leaded gas, unleaded gas, diesel, AV gas, methanol, ethanol, E15, E85, etc.). The external rectangular shape was designed to match the common fuel jug industry standard (9.5" x 9.5"). This allows for easy securing and storing with other fuel jugs. The integrated vent handle has finger grips for comfort. In addition, a similar ergonomic feature is molded into the bottom (shown below) for ease of handling when the dump can is inverted.

Volume: 5 Gallons (19 Liters)
Height: 25.25" (641mm)
Width: 9.5" (241mm)
Depth: 9.5" (241mm) 
Vent OD: 1.675" (43mm)
Vent ID: 1.375" (35mm) 
Pour Spout OD (if cut): 2.5" or 3"
Flow Rate (standard fill): 5.86gpm (max)
Flow Rate (dry break): 25.75gpm (max)
Color: Semitransparent White