Radium Submersible Fuel Tubing, 3/8In X 8.2In

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These fuel tubing kits are commonly used for plumbing in-tank submerged fuel pumps. The flexible convoluted tubing is manufactured from polyamide nylon and is therefore resistant to all fuel types including alcohol blends such as E85 and suitable for EFI fuel pressure.

There are 2 inner diameter sizes available including 5/16" (8mm) and 3/8" (10mm). When installing, run hot water over the ends first to loosen the material. This allows the tubing to fit snugly over the barb. Next, torque the reuseable stainless steel SAE J1508 clamps to 13.3 in-lbs. These clamps provide a 360 degree seal with rolled edges to protect the tubing.

NOTE: All tubes are translucent white excluding 20-0875 (above) and 20-0895 which are opaque black. 

RADIUM P/N: 20-0175, 20-0375, 20-0775, and 20-0875 compatible the following.
-Walbro GSS341 255LPH Fuel Pump
-Walbro GSS342 255LPH Fuel Pump
-AEM 50-1000 Gas Fuel Pump
-AEM 50-1200 E85 Fuel Pump
-AEM 50-1220 E85 Fuel Pump
-Aeromotive 340R 11141 Fuel Pump
-Aeromotive 340R 11142 Fuel Pump
-Deatschwerks 9-301-1000 Fuel Pump

RADIUM P/N: 20-0195, 20-0395, 20-0795, and 20-0895 compatible the following.
-Walbro F9000262 Gas Fuel Pump
-Walbro F9000267 E85 Fuel Pump
-Walbro F9000273 Gas Fuel Pump
-Walbro F9000274 E85 Fuel Pump
-Walbro F9000285 E85 Fuel Pump
-Walbro F9000295 E85 Fuel Pump
-Bosch Motorsports BR540 Fuel Pump
-Deatschwerks DW400 Fuel Pump
-Deatschwerks DW440 Brushless Fuel Pump
-Ti Automotive E5LM Brushless Fuel Pump


-PA Nylon Convoluted Tubing
-Stainless Steel EFI Tube Clamps (x2)


These tubes have been tested at Radium Engineering.
Working Pressure: 300psi
Burst Pressure: 450psi