HKS RB26 2.8L Stroker Kit Step Zero 87 Forged Piston

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For RB users that require more low and mid rpm torque, the RB26DETT 2.8L kit is ideal. Step Zero, Step 1, and Step 2 are available to suit the specifications of each user.

  • Piston: Used the forged material from high specification.
  • Connecting Rod: Used the forged material from high specification with H-beam design for maximum strength and durability. WPC shot-peening also contributes to strength as well as preventing metal fatigue.
    * Stock rods can also be used.
  • Crankshaft: Used the forged material from high specification and fully counterweighted for best engine response. Intended rpm can be optimized for selected turbine.
  • Ideal kit when overhauling from standard internal parts
  • Does not come with bearings
2.8L Kit STEP ZERO φ87.0 Full Kit RB26DETT 2771 φ87.0 - φ21 Required Not required 21004-AN010 Forged piston 87.0mm + Full counterweighted crankshaft + H-beam Con'rod