MoTeC 15 Position CAN Keypad

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The RaceGrade Motorsport Keypad is a fully customized keypad designed for your vehicle. Each button features a custom graphic or symbol, representing its control function. It will enhance the application and integration of MoTeC's PDM into any vehicle. The keypad also provides feedback via the 3 LED indicators on top of each button to inform the driver of the status for each output of the MoTeC PDM. The keypad is backlit with adjustable brightness to work equally as well at night as during the day.

Keypads are available in either 15 or 8-button configurations.


  • Small, lightweight & compact package
  • Rugged design for use in extreme environments
  • Backlit customize graphical symbols available
  • Real time feedback via LED indicators above each button
  • Simplify wiring, only 4 wires required for multiple buttons
  • Short circuit, reverse polarity protection

**Please note: Keypads come blank. Labels are not required but recommended**