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SPR400V2 Multi-Pump Surge Tank

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Brand: Fueled By AI

Motorsports can be demanding on your fuel system. The SPR400V2 Surge Tank ensures that the fuel from your fuel tank maintains a consistent flow and stable pressure to your engine under the harshest conditions. Surge Tanks are perfect for time attack, drifting, drag racing, off-road racing, etc.

With .66 gallon capacity, this surge tank is intended for use with 1-3 fuel pumps and can support up to 1500 Horsepower.

Precision machined from aerospace grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum, designed using best practice engineering principles and stress tested to ensure maximum safety for all motorsport applications. This model has been designed for use with Bosch or Walbro Fuel Pumps and is suitable for single or twin fuel pump applications. Unused ports can be blocked-off using a -8AN block-off fitting.


SPR400 V2 Surge Tank Special Features

Single Fuel Pump Port

  • 8AN fuel fuel ports

  • Perfect fuel pressure control

  • Staged fuel pump operation

  • Superior fuel pressure stability due to our design protected 3-to-1 fuel pump manifold

Plug & Play
  • The SRP400 V2 features the Aftermarket Industries 6 way (30A per pin) Plug & Play electrical connector to allow independent control of up to three fuel pumps.

Bio-Fuel Compatible

  • Zero fuel vapour loss

  • Zero fuel smell GUARANTEED due to anodising process

  • Unleaded, Ethanol, C16

  • 2.5 Litres or 0.66 Gallons


  • Precision machined from aerospace grade 6061-T6 billet aluminium, designed using best practice engineering principles and stress tested to ensure maximum safety for all motorsport applications

  • Plug & Play 6 way (30 amp per pin) electrical connector - independently stage fuel pump operation for 1-3 fuel pumps.

Compatible Fuel Pumps

  • Walbro 255

  • Walbro 460

  • Walbro 520 / 525

  • Bosch BR540


Package includes the following items: 

  • SPR400 V2 billet 2.5 Litre surge tank (-8AN fuel ports)

  • Billet push-lock fuel pump adaptor fittings

  • Viton rubber 0-rings included

  • Stainless steel fasteners

  • Billet fuel pump hanger (includes Viton sound dampening rubber fuel pump inserts)

  • Plug & Play 6 way male electrical connector kit (includes stainless steel circlip, o-rings, two (2) female straight connectors and 12 wire pins)

  • E85 compatible fuel pump/bulkhead hose​