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Here at Magic Garage, we take pride in blending innovation with form and function. With the help of 3D printing, we're able to prototype parts that would otherwise be difficult to produce, allowing us to test fit / revise /  repeat,  until the final product is to our liking. 

EXAMPLE : 01 - Prototype for a Honda CNC header flange, that required port transitions from oval to round:

honda type-r titanium race header flange prototype
Printing this design allowed us to modify it to optimize the flow in the port loft, and remove sections of material to minimize weight and take full advantage of the final part's titanium construction.


EXAMPLE : 02 - R32 Skyline center console accessory mounting system:

Nissan R32 GTR RaceSpec keypad mount

This project started as a method for mounting a RaceSpec keypad in an R32GTR to control MoTeC PDM modules without compromising the factory interior, and has since been used to incorporate other accessories based off of it's mounting strategy. By 3D-printing this in carbon fiber infused nylon, we're able to produce a product in it's final form that's lightweight, strong, and mimics the factory finish... all in one process. ( And it will be available for purchase soon! )


We look forward to rapid prototyping more unusual and challenging parts, and seeing what other modern technologies we can implement here at MGR. What would you guys like to see us make next?

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